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» Bastien, [x] dragon royal/demon || male
| n a m e |
–| n i c k n a m e |

| a g e |
(Around 1 year, 2 Months or so)

| s p e c i e s |
Dragon Royal/Demon Hybrid

user posted image
Large and burly, Baas can seem like a force to be reckoned with.

| c o l o u r s |
Plain compared to his sister’s fiery hide, Baas is still an eye-catcher.

His scales are metallic steel-blue with silver crests going down his back and down his belly, leading to a feather-looking tail made of hard spines. Red eyes appear glow (but sadly don’t, in reality) through his heavily horned head.

Slashes of red interrupt the metallic steel as it leads down his wing muscles, thigh, and forearms, as each slash gets smaller than the last. He has two rings of red on his ankles and wing arms.

| p h y s i c a l |
Baas is a metal monster, so to speak. His scales and ridge seem to be made of polished metal, being very hard and very shiny.

A crest of silver spines layer themselves like hard feathers down his back to his tail. His underbelly of the same colour follow his belly and tail to the tip, where the top and bottom merge into a blade of sorts. Curled horns sprout just behind his eyes and curl down and away from the three small spines until they are even to the bottom of his jaw. Finally, small spines several inches apart make their way from his forehead to his nose.

| s h i f t e d |
His shifted form is of a tall elf-kind. His skin is fair, bordering on pale, with four red dots under each eye, much like his true form. Silver-white hair cropped short frame his angular face and slightly upturned nose. Rather than his red eyes from his true form, Baas’s shifted form has stormy grey eyes the colour of his scales.

| a b i l i t i e s |
Like his sister, Bastien is still learning many of his abilites. As a royal, he does possess a shifted form, as listed above, but will not be able to use it for many years yet. He has began to show an aptitude for metal manipulation primarily, followed by fire and telekinesis. As he gets older, Baas will gain the ability to create portals. They leave him weak and he can't travel far, but the act of creating them exhilarates him. Eventually he hopes he'll be able to travel further, perhaps to other realms! (Totally stealing from Hanna, but loved the idea.) Baas is also extremely strong physically, gifted with large muscles and sharp claws, but avoids physical altercations in exchange for mind games.

| p e r s o n a l i t y |
Bastien is a warm and fairly kind creature, despite first appearances. He is curious, ever looking for something new to learn, within reason. Politics and most history bores him, but studies of magic and science will fascinate him for hours upon end, and will often push boundaries, whether it be his, his mother's, or his tutor's, in search for something interesting or testing something new. A favourite pastime is playing mind games on people to see how they react, and how many people catch on, if they do at all. He doesn't do it to be cruel, but instead just to see how people think, as he and his sister were isolated for a long period of time. He is, however, extremely stubborn and very loyal to his family, being very willing to fight tooth and claw for them if he need be.

| h i s t o r y |
Much like his sister, Baas has little to no history. He does, however, have many questions and very little answers.

user posted image
Discord: The Snarky Confused Owlet#4147
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